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Terms of services

  1. You need to be registered with US2PK to get your shipping account and use this service.
  2. Registration fee of PKR 300 (one time) will be invoiced to you along with regular shipping charges at the time of delivering your first shipment.
  3. You might be asked to provide a copy of your valid CNIC for Verification purpose before successful registration.
  4. All shipments are delivered on "Cash on Delivery" basis.
  5. To use our "Product Buying Assistance", you would need to pay the full cost of your desired product(s) in advance.
  6. US2PK Pakistan would not be liable for:
    1. Loss of shipment in-transit under any uncontrollable circumstances.
    2. Delay in-transit due to bad weather, flight off-loading, or any reason caused by nature.
  7. Contents should not contain Fragile, Perishable, Liquid, or Hazardous items.
  8. Contents should only be Merchandise and include no Personal Effects.
  9. Dimensional weight is chargeable, if greater than the actual weight. Dimensional weight is evaluated based on the formula:
    • Dimensional Weight =Length x Width x Height (cm3) Divided by 5000.
  10. An applicant is not allowed under any circumstances to pass on his/her Shipping Account information to any unregistered or any unauthorized user without any prior intimation to US2PK Pakistan.
  11. US2PK shall not accept any responsibility for the discrepancy in quantity or item, made by the seller/merchant/online store.
  12. In case of violation of any Terms & Service, US2PK Pakistan reserves all rights to CANCEL your shipping account without any prior notice.
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